The Process

You have the innate right and ability to become the radiant person you where born to be!

Do you:
• Feel you are not living life to your potential?
• Feel that something is holding you back?
• Feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again with the same result?
• Feel “not good enough,” or that you don’t deserve to have a great life filled with happiness?
• Have reoccurring thoughts and patterns in your life that keep you from fulfilling your dreams?

What is holding you back?

Your unconscious mind holds on to negative beliefs formed during past experiences, perhaps formed by traumatic events. These beliefs are not allowing you to move forward to a more productive and happier life!

Learn how to “Release and Let Go” of the dark, negative self-limiting beliefs you hold within yourself. Lighten your burden by releasing the negative beliefs and replacing them with more positive, current experiences and beliefs. Feel how light you become with the knowledge and confidence in your true self worth and accomplishments. You can become the person you were born to be! Live in the Now!

Manifesting Changes incorporates the work of Robert G. Smith’s, “Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations(FEFT),” Ra Uri Hu, (Robert Alan Krakow), Human Design and Rita Marie’s personal Life Long Learning journey and training.

FEFT and Human Design are grounded in the principle that there are “No Broken People,” just people living through a collection of past experiences. “Release and get go” of the bad perceptions and keep the good ones.

Learn to help yourself by releasing the Darkness of your past and changing to become the beaming Light of your present self. Have in your life a tool kit, the necessary information and techniques, needed for your journey to becoming the authentic self fulfilled person you were meant to be.

Rita Marie at Manifesting Changes can help you become your authentic self. Let’s go on the journey from Darkness to Light together.

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Move from the DARKNESS of old beliefs to the LIGHT of your Authentic Self